Might Come Back To Club Penguin

9 03 2009


    This is Changiso I quit Club Penguin in October or so and I have been thinking of coming back,not sure.Tell me what you think and lately if you have a PlayStation 3 can you please add Pink_Kitty09(it’s just a funny name,dont think negative)and if you send a request to nomev please dont because i have tha maximum number of friends so please add either nomev or Pink_Kitty09.If you add Pink_Kitty09,you will always see me play Call Of Duty 4 and if you add nomev I will play Call Of Duty 4,Call Of Duty:World At War,and Killzone 2 and I will soon get another microphone.So please comment on if I should come back to Club Penguin and please add nomev and Pink_Kitty09 on PS3

Contest Winner!!!!

3 10 2008

Winner is Mmopuk so now you have Mappa23 and just give me your email and you will get his password,as for the runner up you will be my friend on CLub Penguin and If You have a blog then you can be on my blogroll.

More Time

16 09 2008

My decision will be by next week and my website will be naded to the runner up.

Im Quiting And Penguin Contest Give Away!!!

8 09 2008

I gonna quit after Halloween and I’m also gonna quit Club Penguin.I am giving 1 person one of my penguins which is Mappa23.Tell me why you want Mappa23.

Here Are The Rules:

No Spamming

No More Than 1 Comment

No Numbers

No Rude Words

The Contest Will End Next Week On Septenber,15 and I Will Choose The Winner.

New Pin and Catalog!!!By Watex From watex.wordpress.com

29 08 2008

The Golden 150th Newspaper Pin is located in the Boiler Room.


Furniture Catalog Secrets

The Igloo Furniture Catalog is located in your igloo. Click the Edit button, then the Catalog.

Click the Lava Lamp for the Blender

Click the Upright Piano for the Guitar Stand

Furniture Catalog Spoiler!!!

28 08 2008

Fall furniture for your igloos is coming on Friday and there’s some really cool stuff.  Try to guess what these four things could be!!


Website Is Open!!!

25 08 2008

Sorry but I was doing a lot on fixing the website and I didn’t know which backround I should put,but I decided on this one which is pretty nice and you noticed there is no more Home page because I saw my views when I had it and it brought my views down.So tell me what you think about my website and also I have a small blogroll now.Just comment and that’s it and I also have to put more post.