Mission 6

25 01 2008

1.Go and click on G.

2.After you talk to G he will start the machine.

3.Chase the crab.

4.Then go to the bag of food and cut it off with the sissors on the spyphone.

5.Look for the gray puffle and give him an o-berry.

6.Go back to where the crabs house is and put an o-berry on the door knob.

7.Put an o-berry on the metal bar.

8.Grab the anchor,rope, and the blueprints.

9.Mix the hot sause and the o-berry.

10.Give the puffle the o-berry with the hot sause.

11.Then go to your first place to your right.

12Then get close to the hill and mix the anchor and rope.

13.Once you go up go to the pizza parlor and get a seaweed pizza.

14.Go to the ski lodge and give the pizza to the bear.

15.When he is eating the pizza go to the mission and turn the switch to the right.

16The bear will go to the other side and G will give you your spyphone.

17. Give G the blueprints and the mission will end.

18 Get the medal and the blueprints




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