Join Penguin Force!!!

17 03 2008

This is a new gang called Penguin Force.I am the highest leader and we just want you to join the Penguin Force.Fill out the form in the bottom.Copy and paste it into a comment.

Penguin Name:

Member or Non-Member:

Favorite Game:

Favorite Server:

What are the most coins you earned:








            Private(Up to 10 or 20 penguins):

            Medic(Up to 5 or 10 penguins):

            Back Up(They fight when somebody is hurt,up to 10 or 15 pengiuns):

            Recruits(Dont fight unless someone leaves the gang,up to 10-30 penguins):


                         Servers:Tundra,Ice Age,Frozen,and Test Server 1

                         Practice:Fridays and Wednesdays






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17 03 2008
Join Penguin Force!!! « Club Penguin Cheats And Glitches

[…] Who are we?? Join Penguin Force!!! […]

17 03 2008

Penguin Name: A Duckie

Member or Non-Member: Non Member

Favorite Game: Cart Surfer/Pizzatron/Catching Waves/Ballistic Biscuit

Favorite Server: Tundra/Big surf

What are the most coins you earned: 1500 on Ballistic Biscuit

Please comment back if I’ve been accepted at

18 03 2008

check out

it has about 8150 hits.

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