Egg Timer In Club Penguin Test Server!!!

19 03 2008
There is a little something we call, an egg timer in the test servers. I will discuss what it is, why it’s here, and how it can be used. First off, here is a picture of the egg timer.


To see this, go to the test server load.swf link HERE. The odd thing is, this clock has nothing to do with eggs! A long time ago, club penguin decided to make these timers, but never released it. I guess they decided to put it on the test servers as a, well, test. An egg timer is like a bomb, it has a timed reaction and you can set it to whatever you want. This was made so parents could make a time for how long their child could play on club penguin.

If you use the egg timer, it will be right beside the mod badge in the sky. When you run out of time, you won’t be able to login for the rest of the day. A message will pop up when your time expires. Here is what it should look like.


When you click learn more, you will see other things you can do to get active instead of staying on the computer. My opinion on this is, no. If this happens, my mom might find out and she’ll set the timer to 3 hours. Even though 3 hours is long enough to get all the update time I need for a day.

In other news: GWA is currently working on a video about the mystery member. I will be posting one as well on my you-tube. Keep checking this site over and over on Friday and Saturday for the revealing of the second member. Also, right now the group name stands for, G, Gator, W, Who, A, Alse. They didn’t use else because G.W.E doesn’t look cool.




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22 03 2009

how do u get on this website how to turn into a puffle i whant to please tell me

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