Non-Member Army!!!

31 03 2008

Why this army?

To all Non Members: Remember the Days when everyone was equal, and cool clothes were based on how well you put things together, and how long you’ve been playing. Then what happend? Members Happened. Now a Non Member can work hard collecting enough clothes to fill their player while a Member just strolls right in and buys the whole Gift Shop! Its not Fair.

What we try to do

Sometimes a Member will tease and go crazy and show off all their (extemely poor) fashion. Or they will make a Member Only Group, and all Non Members Suffer. We Target these people. And we try make them learn. And they Learn.

What do I do If I want to become one?

The easiest thing is talk to one of us, through Club Penguin or through this site. If you see them but you dont know who to ask, you can just join in, and help out. But to be an Official Member you will have to contact us. If we see you fighting well in battle, we will give you a rank, which will give you a higher position and more leadership and decisions. You may turn this down.

For more Information on the uniform just click on the website:

Thank You for you time,





2 responses

1 04 2008

thanks Changiso

16 09 2008
Ur Bff98

this isnt a coment but its a question.Im just wondering whyy only the members get all of the awesome things?!!!!!!i get REALLY MAD!!!when i see something cool and i want to get it I CANT!,,,and i should be able to!!!!!

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