New Furniture And Some Other Stuff!!!

18 04 2008

Here is the new furniture and the secret stuff in the furniture and igloos magazine.

Also here is a sneak peak of the new mission and more stuff about the new mission,which is at the HQ and also hereare the new postcards.




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19 04 2008

Filppers7 & Icey1450 is having a Party!
We just got 10,00 hits, and were thorughing a party!
Check out our site for information!
There will be a lot and i mean a lot of famous penguins there!
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Also there is a Contest still going on for a Beta! Go check it out!

P.S. Your site rocks. Comment on our’s!

Club Penguin Advanced Cheats
Filppers7 & Icey1450

19 04 2008

Cool Site!
Nice Post!
For all the latest Cp hints,
tips and more visit:
and post a comment.
I need more hits.
Love your site.

19 04 2008

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