Contest Ends TOMMOROW!!!

19 04 2008

Here is our first ever contest.So these are the rules.You must comment a lot and the person with the most comments wins this:

1st Place:Share Mappa23’s password(Changiso penguin)

2nd Place:Get a Free Penguin with 10,000 coins and a free animation or funny pic(You Decide).

3rd Place:Be a PERMINENT Auther on our website.

4th Place:Be on our Blogroll for 2 monthes and get a free animation or funny pic.


So hurry up and comment because the contest will end TOMMOROW.One more thing of you get 1st place you will need a email or a website so i can give you his password.If you have a website you must delete the messege after you read it.




4 responses

19 04 2008

Changiso comment ur email on my site so i can add you as and Editor (or whatever is below admin). I will tell Segastar214 not to approve the comment.

19 04 2008

comment # 118 from me!

19 04 2008

How rare is Mappas23?

20 04 2008

HEY! I really want a cp accont so please can i have this one?

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