New Pin And Return Of The 12th Fish!!!

10 05 2008

The new pin is located at the Coffee Shop.It is on the lamp,just put your curser over the lamb and it will fall and now you have the latest pin.


The Return of the 12th Fish.It was the 3 or 4 play at the stage(I’m not sure.).Now,it has returned back to the stage for an encore.You can now get a backround which I think is awesome and Changiso isn’t banned forever anymore and to celebrate we will have a party next staurday.For more information just look and the next post.




8 responses

10 05 2008

Hey Changiso! You have such a cool site man! Also, my site has recently reached 10,000 Hits and I was wondering if you wanted to come to my party! Check it out here:


11 05 2008

Changiso got unban?

Changiso Says:Yup!It was from the messeges that we sent to Club Penguin.

11 05 2008

awsome plz visit my site its a new site

11 05 2008

It was actually the 2nd.

11 05 2008

Nice post! 😀

* 1pinkie7 *
dAnCe iT uP

14 05 2008

cool post

go to


14 05 2008
~~Chido Quique~~

You are my bud on cp
nice post

16 05 2008

Is changiso unbanned?

Changiso Says:Yes!!!

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