Party Sneak Peek!!!(From

12 05 2008

Here is another sneak peek of the Medieval party coming on May 16th that has not yet been released on the Club Penguin Blog.

What room do the think the picture is of? It might be the Pizza Parlor because of the pizza on the table.




10 responses

13 05 2008

hello changiso can you put me on your blog roll i will do so with you my web sitee url

5 07 2008

that must have happened a long time a go because its July!

7 12 2008
mike kim...

salak bok

20 04 2009

cool you are wik man lol

20 04 2009

coolll lol

25 05 2009

hi,mike92.i,was just wordering,if you could show me abit of robery.and give me an,activeation code so i can unlock., items,online.i,hope.that you, do,because ive,. heard,lotsabout, you just,.you,know.,love from,. maximus0057 please do mike 92,.oh, and mike92 tell me,. how to.,rob the coffe apron on club penguin ,.and,. the pizza apron,. and pizza hat,. good bye love from maximus0057 thanks mike 92,.,.,.,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,…………,.,.,.,.

2 06 2009
mike92 that vidio of me robing a bank is fake

mike 92 says that vidio of me robing a bank was cool but fake

2 06 2009
9 06 2009

that video on youtube of you stealing from the bak or should i say hq was funny

9 06 2009

lol i loved the video

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