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16 05 2008

Hey Everyone! The new Edition of the Penguin Times has been released! Click Here to view it!

The Newspaper announces that the Medieval Party will be tomorrow, Friday, May 16th.

The Party is supposed to be great! There has been many previews. Click Here to view them!

The Ye Olde Igloo Contest will begin on May 23rd. Winners will be chosen on May 29th and will receive 10,000 coins, and have their igloo in the Newspaper!

Here are the Upcoming Events:

There are so many events, and this is not even all of them! Here are some other events coming soon:

  • Penguin Mail.
  • Free server test item distributed.
  • New servers.
  • Player card inventory update.



4 responses

16 05 2008

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16 05 2008

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17 05 2008

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4 02 2009

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