New Blog and Video Site!

25 05 2008

Hi Penguins, Mmopuk here. I’ve got to tell you about my new site! I quit my old site because of a problem with WORDPRESS. So i’ve created a new one which could you please visit:! Yes, i’ve done the easy thing and moved to Blogger. Life’s to short to waste faffing around with CSS!

Anyways, I have a video site (with no CSS!)! It only has a couple of videos on at the moment but it will increase. Not all of them are about Club Penguin though. What a break! Just joking! Anyways, Waddle on!

Note to Changiso: Is your party AM or PM! (you forget to put that

From Changiso:The party will be 10:00 Am Penguin Standard Time.




5 responses

25 05 2008

Waddle On!

26 05 2008

Awesome Website. Visit mine: and please comment and rate 5/5.I’ll 100% add you to my Blogroll.
~Lander 101~

27 05 2008

i love clubpenguin

28 05 2008
26 06 2008

wow ur blog is worth alot of money!!!

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