Water Party & Stage (Late I know!)

14 06 2008

For some strange reason Changiso isn’t here (don’t know where but not here) so I, Mmopuk will be posting.

This post is taken from www.mmopuk.blogspot.com!


Ice Cream Apron:

Shell Necklaces:

I’m in a rush again:

  1. Whale Room (Iceberg)
  2. New Stage (Penguins that time forgot)
  3. Hose at bottom of screen
  4. Water Balloons instead of snowballs.



Changiso:I’m Back!!!Sorry for not posting and it’s because I got grounded.Anyways I’m BAck!!!




2 responses

16 06 2008

Ah! I see!

Emm… Not to be rude or anything but grounding does sound a bit old-fashioned? Eh? It kinda does.

Anyways, was it okay that I posted for u.

17 06 2008

Hey Changiso,
Nice Blog I would you too add me to your BlogRoll, If you do, I will add you too. Here’s the link.


In Spanish:

Or send me an e-mail to:

Let me know what you say.

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