Mission 8 Cheat Guide!!!

24 06 2008

1. Talk to G
2. Go to the Dock, talk to the polar bear, Herbert.
3. Pick up the Light next to the Tunnel, and go back to the Hq to talk to Agent G/
4. Go to the Town, follow the flying map piece.
6. Continue to follow the Map Piece to the Snow Forts.
7. The map piece will land in a penguin’s newspaper waiting in line, talk to him. He will say he would like a pizza, but doesn’t want to risk his spot getting out of line.
8. Go to the coffe shop and help the worker clean up the cookies, recieve a cookie from him.
9. Go to the Lighthouse and talk to the penguin with the ballons, take the box of ballon’s beside him.
10. Take a Barrel from the other penguin working in the lighthouse.
12. Take the fishing net from the lighthouse.
13. Go to the HQ and pick of the Brown fedora dlying hat and put it in you’re inventory.
14. Give the Puffle at the town the cookie, hat and then he will knock down the other map piece.
15. Pick up the Map Piece, and put it with the other map piece you’ve collected.
16. Go to the HQ, ask G if you can take the Super Helium. Take it with you.
17. Go to the underground cave, at the dock.
18. Follow you’re map in the tunnels.
19. Shake the barrel of Cream Soda around a bit, and put in under the gift shop after you see it when underground.
20. After its lifted, go to the hole in the wall and enter it.
21. You will see Herbet there, listen to his bliberish then click on the boiler and connect all the pipes from one end to the other to fix it.
22. Make you’re way to the Hq and talk to G.
23. Recieve you medal.

Credit to Snow Dobby From www.snowdobby.com




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