Mmopuk’s Mini Contest – Blogroll Contest!

13 07 2008

Hey penguins!

It’s Mmopuk from! Now, here on Changiso’s site I have a little contest. Now this contest is completley random. If you get all 3 questions right though, you’ll be put on ‘s blogroll! I will give you A,B,C but you have to get all three right to win. As usual all the same rules apply;

  1. No Swearing
  2. No Impersonating
  3. No sexual or rascial talk
  4. No being mean or rude

Here’s the questions:

  1. Where’s my favourite holiday destination?

A. Pompei (Italy)

B. Florida (U.S.A)

C. Sydney (Australia)

Question 2:

What eatery/take-away do I prefer?

A. M’c Donalds

B. Burger King

C. Subway

Question 3:

What country do I live in?

A. U.K

B. Canada

C. U.S.A

The contest starts today and ends on Tuesday! Good luck!




One response

13 07 2008

Good luck on answering the questions!

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