Contest Results & New Newspaper!

17 07 2008

Holla, Mmopuk posting for Changiso as he’s not here.

Nobody bothered to enter the contest, but here’s a brief of the answers. Question 1: B, Florida. Question 2: A, M’c Donalds. Question 3: A, U.K.

Now here’s the new newspaper. The main topic in the newspaper is about the “Sqidzoid vs. Gamma Gal and the other one” which was a load of crap. But here goes, the stage…

It also talks about the Music Festival from 25-30 July…

It looks as to be a blast, to read the interview with the Penguin Times and The penguin band, go to the Boiler room to read the past issues.

They also say that the green puffle in the ice-rink is only a temporary because otherwise the penguins can’t play ice-hockey. Here’s a picture showing the green puffle…

Other information is… The “Ask aunt arctic is why are puffles so expensive and that how to do an “?” in  a speech bubble. The penguin writers are writing about the Sports & Clothing catalogs.


July 18th: Igloo Catalog & Furniture catalog and a new pin.

July 25th: Music Festival (the penguin band will be playing).

August 1st: New Clothing catalog.

That’s all!




One response

17 07 2008

Where the HECK is Changiso, he’s missed Penguin Mail. Probably grounded again!

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