Another contest by Mmopuk and where the heck is Changiso?

19 07 2008

 I have no clue where that Changiso is. Probably grounded again. Anyways, here’s the link for all the stuff he missed. WWW.MMOPUK.BLOGSPOT.COM!!!

Anyways, another contest here is worth a bigger prize though. Buddy for a month and blogroll for a week! Cool, huh? It’s worth a bash… If nobody enters (which is likely) I give up. I’m giving you until Wednesday.

Same rules apply.

Question 1: How much do I weigh? Clue: I’m a 10 year old boy.

A. 4 stone 9 pounds.

B. 4 stone 10 pounds.

C. 4 stone 11 pounds.

Question 2: Do I have a six-pack?

A. Yes, definetily!

B. Kinda, a 4 pack.

C. Na, a flubby troll.

Question 3: What colour is my skin?

A. Very dark brown.

B. A normal, tanned pale. Not pale, just a bit of tan.

C. Pale white.

Enter now! Ends Wed!




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19 07 2008

I am not showing off, for gods sake!

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