I’m Leaving :-(

24 07 2008

Hello penguins on changiso.wordpress.com. This will be my last Hello as i’m leaving this site. I have had many happy times here, no doubt, it’s just I want to move on from this site. I will still play Cp and you’ll still probably see me: Frozen,dock every day. But I will be leaving Changiso’s site as because I have got promoted on Cyclone999’s site which is WAY UP on Google and this is WAY DOWN, (no offenses.) So this is my last post here and you can visit me on www.mmopuk.wordpress.com. But be warned, we are refurbushing the site as 1wally15 is helping with the CSS. Thanks to all the penguins and i’ve had al ot of fun.

So now could Changiso, please remove me as an author. REMOVE ME FROM YOUR SITE. Thankyou, Mmopuk.




4 responses

24 07 2008

* Sniff sniff *

25 07 2008

Changiso, how about this…

Date: August 1st.
Server: Iceland.
Place: Start at Dock.
Time: 9am PST.

Thanks for doing this!

26 07 2008

Is that date/time okay?

4 08 2008

i think its sad, that everyone drops out on my best buddy changiso! it dont matter his hits. he is still gonna be awesome

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