Awsome penguin!!!

30 07 2008

Here Is an awsome penguin Changiso and I know,he is an actor and singer in clubpenguin.He is also an awsome friend. So if you get to meet him add him and become best friends.So Give your hands to Ruffle007!!!!(Clap!Clap!Clap!)





One response

1 08 2008

Hey guys! How are ya? Thanks for puttin this awesome little blog on here for me! What a surprise! Well i think that you guys are some of the best friends a penguin can have!

(More Info)
If you wish to find me, i am usually on the Tuxedo server in my igloo(rarley on the map , but if your lucky you can look me up)I am also sometimes mainly in the Pizza Parlor or The dance club Around evening or morning times.

Take Care,

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