Might Come Back To Club Penguin

9 03 2009


    This is Changiso I quit Club Penguin in October or so and I have been thinking of coming back,not sure.Tell me what you think and lately if you have a PlayStation 3 can you please add Pink_Kitty09(it’s just a funny name,dont think negative)and if you send a request to nomev please dont because i have tha maximum number of friends so please add either nomev or Pink_Kitty09.If you add Pink_Kitty09,you will always see me play Call Of Duty 4 and if you add nomev I will play Call Of Duty 4,Call Of Duty:World At War,and Killzone 2 and I will soon get another microphone.So please comment on if I should come back to Club Penguin and please add nomev and Pink_Kitty09 on PS3