Might Come Back To Club Penguin

9 03 2009


    This is Changiso I quit Club Penguin in October or so and I have been thinking of coming back,not sure.Tell me what you think and lately if you have a PlayStation 3 can you please add Pink_Kitty09(it’s just a funny name,dont think negative)and if you send a request to nomev please dont because i have tha maximum number of friends so please add either nomev or Pink_Kitty09.If you add Pink_Kitty09,you will always see me play Call Of Duty 4 and if you add nomev I will play Call Of Duty 4,Call Of Duty:World At War,and Killzone 2 and I will soon get another microphone.So please comment on if I should come back to Club Penguin and please add nomev and Pink_Kitty09 on PS3




4 responses

3 04 2009


Now, on my website mmopuk.wordpress.com, I have a Funny Pictures page, 290 Funny Pictures and I would like your opinion on them. So, if you could please visit mmopuk.wordpress.com and comment on the 290 Funny Pictures page I’d be most grateful. Just comment with something like if you like them or not and which one is your favourite etc. Thanks! 😀


2 05 2009

swatclaninfo.wordpress.com yo dog wats up? thats my clan for Call Of Duty World At War. I used to be a CP fan 2! That was, until I found out about Call Of Duty games! so ya man ill add you on PS3! PEACE!

2 05 2009

My name on PS3 is SnakeVenom38! i added both ur accounts

2 05 2009

I got Killzone 2 too, I like SOCOM navy confrontation though

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