New Newspaper!!!

1 08 2008

Here is the newpaper and the first thing is the Encore of the party,which means that it will continue until August 7(I Think).


This is the return of the Team Blue rally at the stage,I think it will be cool for the new penguin and I want to act out again.


Also they are updating the Aqua grabberand now they are using it for some kind of treasure hunt and hopefully you can get the special pin,but a different pin.

This was kind of weird,but a mohderator sent a newletter to the newspaper which was a tip on how to get coins faster and the midherator was Happy77!!!


Here are the events:

  • New Pin
  • New Play at stage
  • New Clothing Catalog
  • The Return Of Rockhopper

New Clothing Catalog!!!

30 07 2008

New penguin clothing comes out on Friday and there’s some cool stuff! I don’t want to give away too much, but here’s a sneak peek.


Awsome penguin!!!

30 07 2008

Here Is an awsome penguin Changiso and I know,he is an actor and singer in clubpenguin.He is also an awsome friend. So if you get to meet him add him and become best friends.So Give your hands to Ruffle007!!!!(Clap!Clap!Clap!)


Fridays awsome music Jam!!!!

25 07 2008

This party is awsome theres music for everyone from hiphop to jazz from rock to contry its crazy and the new game DJ3K is awsome check me out playing it lol!

Sadly the concert at the docks has a vip only area and if you see any and your not a member you con not acess the area look at this pic. 

Oh and the new item is one we had before but if you didnt get them last time now you can the items are maracas…..or something look

Before i forget! when you go to concerts on the far right of your chat area so make those rocks or jazer or what ever preformer your watching happy!

The pin i had trouble finding if you know where it is tell me….besides that this has been tryed so har have fun out there and ill see you soon bye!

I’m Leaving :-(

24 07 2008

Hello penguins on This will be my last Hello as i’m leaving this site. I have had many happy times here, no doubt, it’s just I want to move on from this site. I will still play Cp and you’ll still probably see me: Frozen,dock every day. But I will be leaving Changiso’s site as because I have got promoted on Cyclone999’s site which is WAY UP on Google and this is WAY DOWN, (no offenses.) So this is my last post here and you can visit me on But be warned, we are refurbushing the site as 1wally15 is helping with the CSS. Thanks to all the penguins and i’ve had al ot of fun.

So now could Changiso, please remove me as an author. REMOVE ME FROM YOUR SITE. Thankyou, Mmopuk.

New Newspaper!!!

24 07 2008

Be ready to rock!The penguin band will be here on friday.


Here is the schedule for the party.


Here is what’s going to happen.


What Cpdude said….

23 07 2008

What cpdude noticed is true, on the speaker it has a famous penguins name on it. His name is fever for those who dont know fever lets just say he’s very famous and has a wordpress check this pic out  

I wonder if thats the name of the speaker or did the actual fever had something to do with it.